Introducing Fensor X: The Next-Gen Protection for Perimeters and Beyond

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Driving operational efficiency Enhancing frontline security Sustaining safety and security

Magal at a Glance

Magal is a global integrator of operational solutions for enhanced security, safety and efficiency.
With over 50 years of proven experience, Magal specializes in designing and delivering end-to-end turnkey solutions for the seaport, border, oil & gas, and critical infrastructure sectors.


Why Magal

End-to-end turnkey solutions

Advanced C5I platform

Seamless integration of best-of-breed subsystems

Full ownership of the entire project lifecycle



Over 50 years of proven experience


Installations in over 100 countries


Over 2500 projects worldwide

Served Sectors


Integrating security solutions with operating systems


Delivering Turnkey, tailor-made solutions

Oil & Gas

Integrating security & HSE solutions to increase safety

Critical Infrastructure

Protecting vital assets at strategic sites

Fortis X C5I Platform

At the heart of every tailored Magal solutions lies
Fortis X, Magal’s game-changing command-and-control software. Fusing large amounts of operational data from multiple systems, Fortis X creates unified ecosystems that provide real-time situational awareness and actionable insights for maximized efficiency, security and safety.