Seaports & Terminals

Driving Operational Efficiency

Seaports today face challenges of increased cargo volume, security threats, and environmental concerns. Magal’s solutions offers efficient operations management, robust security, and sustainability. By integrating functional systems like TOS, GOS, PMIS, and VTS with Magal’s software, the port achieves real-time oversight and swift response to shifts or incidents. Magal’s solution enhances seaport management, ensuring operational efficiency, safety, and protection against threats like terrorism and piracy.

Operational Dashboards

  • Data Fusion for actionable insights
  • Seamless integration between subsystems, (such as TOS, GOS, and VTS)
  • Predictive Bottleneck Analysis: optimization of port operations.
  • Scalability accommodating growth and expansion without compromising performance.

Centralized Safety & Security Dashboards

  • Advanced event management capabilities for incidents prompt and effective response.
  • Smart Rule Engine: automates workflows, triggers alerts, and enables rule-based actions.
  • HSE Integrated Modules and collaboration tools for safer workplace and compliance with regulatory guidelines and protocols.

Enhanced, Integrated Operational Capabilities

  • Powerful Geographic Information System (GIS) engine
  • Advanced video Analytics for real-time monitoring, object detection, and event recognition.
  • Integration with external systems such as customs and logistics platforms, for smooth data exchange and operational continuity.

These technical capabilities empower seaports to achieve greater operational efficiency, strengthen security measures, and make data driven decisions for improved performance and profitability.

Solution Benefits

Enhanced Operational Efficiency:

Optimized cargo flow, reduced delays for vessels and trucks, and real-time visibility (through a GIS engine, video engine or a digital twin) of cargo movement and the status of container handling equipment.

Improved Gate Operations:

Reduced wait times and increased throughput by Gate Operating System (GOS) integration and automated verification of trucks, drivers, and containers (or GC).

Optimized Resource Use:

By minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, the solution enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs.

Fast Decision-Making:

Workflow optimization, real-time situational awareness and data fusion for efficient resource allocation and actionable insights.

Enhanced Safety:

Real-time monitoring, enhanced situational awareness, improved vessel operations safety, and detection of potential safety hazards, for rapid response times.

Performance Measurement:

The integrated system provide statistics and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that help measure and optimize port performance.

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