Gates & Access

ACS, a critical element of solutions, regulates access to physical and digital spaces, safeguarding assets and controlling restricted zones. Our ACS, part of the Magal’s Fortis X C5I Platform, includes components like card readers, electronic locks, and biometric scanners to verify credentials and manage access.


Fortis-X bolsters ACS performance, allowing users to manage multiple ACS systems using different hardware and software vendors. It also leverages advanced algorithms and integrations with intelligent building systems and interlock logics for optimal performance.


Interlock systems control sequential door opening, reducing unauthorized access risks. ACS integration with smart building systems enables advanced features like triggering lighting controls upon door unlocking for enhanced security. Additionally, it enables energy efficiency optimization by adjusting HVAC settings when buildings are unoccupied. These advancements contribute to Magal’s improved security, efficiency, and convenience in intelligent building systems.

Features & Specifications

  • Authentication Methods: Including high-security encoded badges, PIN codes, biometric data, and mobile device-based credentials.
  • Access Levels and Permissions: Based on roles and hierarchy levels, ensuring specified access areas according to users’ tasks and responsibilities.
  • Scalability: Accommodates site’s growth and added new users, access points, or seamless expansion to multiple locations.
  • Centralized Management: Easy software configuration, enabling simple user management, rule setting, reports generation, and event monitoring.
  • Integration Capabilities: Integrates with other security systems such as video surveillance and alarm systems, for overall security.
  • Remote Access and Monitoring: Allowing system management and event monitoring from anywhere.
  • Anti-Pass back and Time-Based Access: Enforce schedule-based control.
  • Redundancy and Failover: Ensure continuous operation and minimize downtime and delays.
  • Customizable User Interface: Efficient software management system with a user-friendly, customizable interface for clear visibility of access events.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Security and Audit Trails:

Grants approved users access to specified areas, minimizes unauthorized entry risks, and logs access events for rapid incident detection and response.

Operational Efficiency and Seamless Integration

for a unified, comprehensive security platform, simplify access management, cut administrative overhead, and boost efficiency.

Restricted Access and Efficient Visitor Management:

Enables setting access permissions and schedules to safeguard sensitive assets and offers unique visitor management.

Scalability, Flexibility, and Regulatory Compliance:

Adapts to site growth and changing needs, offering flexible access rules and schedules. It aids in regulatory compliance, especially for stringent asset protection and privacy needs.