Corporate Governance


Code of Ethics and Business Conduct:

Magal Solutions is committed to operating according to a Code of Ethics and Business Conduct designed to guarantee compliance and obligation to applicable laws and regulations.
Magal believes that conducting the company’s business honestly, ethically, and with integrity is crucial to the company’s continued success and growth and are essential attributes of the company’s reputation. We strongly believe that a reputation for honesty is a priceless asset.


Magal – Code of Ethics and Business Conduct


Quality Assurance:

Magal is committed to managing processes that promote, reinforce, and ensure customer satisfaction throughout a project’s life cycle. Our basic principles reflect our commitment to:

– Providing high-quality solutions

– Demonstrating integrity and credibility towards our stakeholders worldwide in all aspects of our business endeavors.


Magal-ISO 9001 – 2015 Quality

Magal – ISO 45001 Safety

Magal IQNET – Quality


Environment & Community:


Magal is dedicated to the environment and the communities in which it operates. We manage a process that promotes, reinforces, and ensures compliance with international environmental standards and regulations.
Magal performs according to guidelines and requirements that reduce and minimize environmental hazards, and that are designed to help create and preserve a clean and safe world.
Magal contributes to community relations and social responsibility by encouraging the involvement of employees in the community′s daily life assisting less fortunate groups.




Magal Solutions’ sustainability report encapsulates our global environmental impact, with a special focus on our operations in Israel. The report provides an in-depth look into our performance in critical areas such as Scope 1 and Scope 2 GHG (Greenhouse Gas) emissions, energy and water consumption, and waste management.
Our alignment with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is reflected in our initiatives around water stewardship, sustainable urban development, responsible consumption and production, and proactive climate action. Beyond our environmental efforts, the report also underscores our commitment to employee development and ethical supply chain practices.
At Magal, sustainability is not viewed as a standalone project, but rather a continuous commitment that permeates every aspect of our operations.


Magal Sustainability Report for 2021
Carbon Footprint Report 2021
PPIT-ISPM 15 Environment


Cyber & Information Management:


Since 2020, Magal has held a “Top Secret” rating from governmental agencies and is ISO 27001 certified.
We proactively identify and manage information threats, ensuring compliance with laws and regulatory standards.
Our continuous improvements minimize costs associated with data loss and breaches.
With a robust Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) and anti-fraud measures, we prioritize the security and continuity of valuable information and crucial data


ISO 27001 – Information Security