Oil & Gas

Increasing Safety & Operational Continuity

Magal’s solutions enhances security for oil and gas sites, improving resilience against threats. It provides a comprehensive view of safety protocols, aiding swift, informed decision-making. It merges real-time and historical data for actionable insights, optimizing protection and reducing risks. It integrates with operational, safety and environmental systems, presenting critical information, creating a thorough safety and operations outlook.

Fast Decision-Making

  • Real-Time Situational Awareness: Full view of operations for informed decisions.
  • Data Fusion: Real-time and historical data fusion for actionable insights.
  • Workflow Optimization: Efficient resource allocation through operational parameter monitoring.

Powerful Integrated Capabilities

  • Strong GIS Engine
  • Intelligent Video Analytics: Enhanced gate management for operational efficiency.
  • Mobile Forces: Enhanced security through mobile forces.
  • Perimeter Sensing: Advanced perimeter sensing technologies for improved security.
  • External Data Sources: Comprehensive operational view through external data integration.

Pipeline Monitoring and Integrity

  • Safety Analytics: PPE monitoring, fire, smoke, and leak detection for personnel safety. Integration of IOT sensors.
  • Special Solutions: Proactive risk mitigation and operational continuity.
  • Robots & Anti-Drone Technology: Advanced security measures.
  • Thermal Imaging: Advanced threat detection.

Performance KPIs & Reports

  • Performance KPIs & Reports: Analyzed KPIs and reports for strategic decision-making.
  • Face Recognition: Enhanced security and access control.
    Access Control: Robust access control measures.
  • Cyber Security: Data and digital asset protection.
    License Plate Recognition (LPR): Vehicle identification and access control.
  • Public Address System: Effective communication.
    Smart Gate Management: Efficient entrance and exit control.

Solution Benefits

Enhanced Safety and Sustainable Operations:

The solution streamlines management capabilities and optimizes workflows, enhancing situational awareness and operational resilience.

Efficient Emergency Management:

The solution simplifies safety protocols and ensures compliance with regulatory standards. It includes features for efficient emergency management, PPE and fall detection, anti-theft, and anti-violence measures.

Cost Reduction:

By minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity, the solution enhances operational efficiency and reduces costs.

By adopting Magal’s solution, oil and gas operators can mitigate risks, safeguard their assets, and enhance the overall resilience of their operations.

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