Intelligent Video Analytics

Magal’s intelligent video analytics, incorporate advanced technology designed to meet the distinctive needs of each individual site, use case, and customer. With proactive, intelligent approach, the ability to integrate our analytics with operational systems allows us to provide invaluable operational information as needed. Moreover, our advanced algorithms efficiently scan and detect potential security and safety threats in real-time, eliminating the need for continuous human monitoring.

Safety & Environment:

  • Compliance monitoring for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and correct usage of work safety equipment.
  • Fall and unusual motion detection for people and objects.
  • Machine operation and workplace ergonomics monitoring for employee wellbeing.
  • Hazard detection and alerting, covering hazardous material spills, and risky driving behaviors.
  • Assembly point and safe distance monitoring during emergencies and around hazardous operations.


  • Intrusion and misuse detection for restricted areas and emergency exits.
  • Thermal and crowd density monitoring for public and employee health.

Operational Efficiency:

  • Machine operation and workplace ergonomics monitoring.
  • Compliance monitoring for work zone rules and safety equipment usage.
  • Thermal screening and crowd density control for health and efficiency in operations.

Solution Benefits

Enhances overall safety and compliance with rules and regulations.

Reduced risk of injuries or fatalities by early detection of falls, unusual motions, and vehicle mishaps.

Increased efficiency by monitoring machine performance and promoting healthy workplace ergonomics.

Secured public and employee health through thermal screening and crowd control measures.

Reinforced authorized access to restricted areas and clear emergency exits.

Enables prompt and orderly emergency evacuation through assembly point monitoring.

Facilitates proactive response to potential hazards like chemical spills and unsafe driving behaviors.